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What to Look for in an Airbnb Vacuum

Cleaning an Airbnb property places high demands on a vacuum compared to residential use. When evaluating your options, keep these factors in mind:

Vacuum Type

There are several common configurations for vacuum cleaners, each with pros and cons for an Airbnb:

  • Upright – Very easy to maneuver and store. Great for carpets. Some are bagless for less maintenance.
  • Canister – Powerful suction and attachments for whole home cleaning. Hoses provide added reach.
  • Stick – Excellent for hard floors and portability between rooms. Limited runtime on cordless models.
  • Handheld – Perfect for small spills and quick cleanups. Lack power for deep cleaning carpets.
  • Robot – Convenient automated cleaning. However, requires maintenance and don’t replace deep cleaning.

For most Airbnbs, a full-size upright or canister vacuum will provide the best all around performance. Stick vacuums also work well for smaller spaces. Handhelds and robots can supplement between deeper cleanings.

Suction Power

A vacuum’s suction power determines how thoroughly it can remove dirt, dust and debris from carpets and floors. Higher air watts equates to greater suction power for deeper cleaning.

Look for a minimum of 100 air watts for an Airbnb. Higher-end models offer 150-200+ air watts for superior pickup, especially important for carpets and pet hair.

Filtration System

To keep the air inside an Airbnb fresh and free of allergens, look for vacuums with advanced filtration systems.

HEPA filters are the gold standard – they capture 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns, trapping dust, pollen, mold and more. This makes a big difference for guests with allergies.

Cordless vs. Corded

Cordless vacuums provide greater convenience and are easier to haul between rooms or up and down stairs. However, battery run time is limited, usually 30-60 minutes depending on model.

Corded vacuums offer continuous cleaning time, essential for larger Airbnbs. Maneuvering the cord takes practice but is worthwhile for unlimited power.

Attachments & Accessories

Look for vacuums that come with useful attachments like crevice tools, dusting brushes, upholstery nozzles and extension wands. These let you clean tight spaces, soft surfaces, ceilings and more.

Ease of Use

An Airbnb vacuum needs to be easy to maneuver between cleanings and guests should also be able to operate it without issues.

Look for models with an easily maneuverable design, simple dust bin emptying, and understandable controls. The more user-friendly a vacuum is, the more efficient cleaning will be.

Reliability and Durability

The frequent use in an Airbnb places high demands on a vacuum’s durability. Look for models with solid construction and sturdy components that can withstand intensive use.

Good warranties and user reviews praising the longevity of a model are also important signs it will have a long service life.


A lighter vacuum is more comfortable to carry around the house and up/down stairs. But also ensure it still provides adequate power despite lower weight.

Ultra-light handheld vacuums are very portable but usually lack the suction power needed for carpets.


Vacuum prices range from $50 to $500+. Set your budget before shopping and look for the best model available at that price point.

With some research, excellent Airbnb vacuums can be found even on a limited budget. Cheap no-name products are usually not advisable though.

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