TGP # 590 OVR Technologies CES Interview

<strong>Welcome to The Gadget Professor Show #590 hosted by Don Baine.

Just back from CES 2023 in Vegas. It was very exciting to back at CES after a two tear hiatus from COVID.

Unfortunately I have a brutal cold and I am barely able to speak.

What we will do this week is to take a look at a very interesting interview I did with Aaron Wisniewski, co-founder of OVR Technology.

He has unlocked the “DNA” of aroma and is able to recreate a variety of different aromas and incorporate the sense of smell with sight & sound….keep an eye on this technology = I predict BIG THING

The Hidden Power of Scent

Directly connected to the memory and emotion centers of our brain

Our sense of smell is unique from our other senses. It’s the only sense with a direct connection to the limbic system in our brains which is the area responsible for memory and emotion. The Limbic System also has a major influence on cognition, behavior and motivation.

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