Lumenology Review: Motion Sensor Light

There is a possibility that you are having trouble establishing a lighting system in your home or place of business. This is due to the fact that it may be expensive and may have an impact on the attractiveness of your home.

Lumenology offers a cutting-edge answer to the issue you’re having with lighting. This is a battery-free LED light that can be moved around easily and comes equipped with motion sensor technology.

Don’t be concerned! Please allow me the opportunity to explain why and how lumenology is the superior lighting solution for your area. After that, the choice is entirely up to you.

What is Lumenology?


The Lumenology Portable Security LED Motion Light is an unique and portable motion light that generates an impressive 148 Lumens from a single, high-luminance white LED bulb. This light can be used nearly anyplace! The flexible tripod base enables a fast, simple, and varied installation on any floor or ground, as well as the ability to wrap around any post, fence, deck, beam, porch, car hood, closet, cabinet, and more. Take off the flexible tripod and use the magnets to attach it to any magnetic surface. Alternatively, you can use the magnetic plate that is included to attach it to any surface that is not magnetic.

It is not affected by adverse climatic conditions of any kind, including intense heat, heavy rain, or snowfall, for example. because lumenology has been confirmed to have an IP43 rating for its resistance to water. Because of this, it is impossible to penetrate.

The fact that lumenology makes use of motion sensing technologies is easily the most fascinating aspect of this field. It has the ability to detect motions up to 4 metres away. This will alert you in advance to any potentially harmful situation that may arise. It has been featured on FOX, NBC, CBS, USA Today, Marketwatch.

Features and Benefits

We would like to provide you with a few reasons why you should purchase lumenology.


The cost-effectiveness of purchasing Lumenology is the primary argument in favour of doing so. The installation of a lighting system that relies on wires will result in an immediate expense of several thousand dollars.

Additionally, it may have a negative impact on the structure that is already there at your location. However, the lumenology procedure will only run you about $40. In addition to this, it provides you with incredible features at the most affordable possible price.


Lumenology’s amazing smart features make it reliable. Additionally, it gives you a sense of security. In the event of an electrical power outage, you won’t need to worry. Lumenology will provide you with light and warmth.

Motion detection technology

The mode that activates when motion is detected helps you save battery life. Because it will only emit light if there is anybody there or if there are any movements within a distance of thirteen feet from it, it is a security feature. In the event that it is not turned on, it will turn off by itself to conserve energy.

In this manner, the power it possesses can endure for an entire year. You will not be able to turn the lights on or off manually because the automation system is installed.

Adapt to hostile weather conditions

No matter what kind of weather it faces, whether it’s heavy snowfall or heavy rain, it can withstand it. It is for this reason that this modern light has been certified IP43 water-resistant. You can purchase this product for that reason.

Professional lighting experience

LED light with 148 lumens. In a radius of 40 feet, you will be able to see crystal clear and bright light.

Can be used anywhere

Lumenology can be attached wherever you like. Lighting is installed permanently with a wire-based system. It is also very labor-intensive and expensive. However, lumenology can be moved anywhere and detachable easily.

Comes with refund guarantee

If for any reason you don’t like this product and would like to return it, please do so. You can get a 100% refund if you return it within 30 days. They include it in their sales strategy.

Suitable for renters

Renting a place might mean spending thousands of dollars just on lighting. Leaving the place will not allow you to remove the wired lighting and take it with you.

You can solve this problem with Lumenology. As a result of the cost-effectiveness, ease of attachment, and detachability of this device.

Who is behind this invention?

The question “how might we avoid the difficulty and discomfort of installing light fixtures?” was the impetus behind the founding of Lumenology. Brothers Rock and Mike Smeja collaborated on the development of a solution that would shake up the entire lighting and electrical business. They got to work right once on their project. Michael Smeja (left), and Rock Smeja (middle) Back in 2012, Rock and Mike launched their own firm, which is now owned by their family, out of a desire to pursue their passion for conceiving of and inventing goods that assist people in simplifying and enjoying their lives. 

After installing a few additional light fixtures in their home, they were shocked to receive a hefty electrical bill, which inspired the creation of the field of lumenology. “Our objective was straightforward: to design a solution that would make it possible for regular people to instal professional lights in their homes without having to pay a fortune or waste an entire weekend tearing up their walls.

We set out to design something that would be easy for everyone to use and could be deployed in a variety of settings. And it gives us great pleasure to boast that we were able to accomplish this.

Why buy Lumenology lights?

Lumenology lights are a great option for both residential and commercial lighting projects. The lights are designed to be energy efficient, with LED bulbs that offer up to 90% savings in electricity compared to conventional lighting solutions.

Additionally, the lights come with a range of features such as dimmable lighting and motion sensors, making them an ideal choice for illuminating large areas. Most importantly, the Lumenology lights are aesthetically pleasing, with their modern design adding a touch of sophistication to any space. All in all, Lumenology lights offer an excellent blend of aesthetics and efficiency that makes them an ideal choice for any project.

Save Hundreds On Hiring An Electrician

The fact that employing an electrician comes at a significant financial cost is something that is common knowledge among homeowners. The most recent figures from Homeadvisor indicate that the cost of hiring an electrician to instal a single light fixture at your home is currently $520! You can light up your doors, windows, garden, shed patio, and just about everything else you can think of by purchasing eight Lumenology light kits for a price that is only a fraction of the total cost.

Lumenology‘s one-of-a-kind mounting mechanism and wireless design are two of the ways it seeks to realise its mission of making light installations simple and within everyone’s financial reach. Because it can run for up to a year on a single pair of AA batteries, there is absolutely no wiring that needs to be done. As a result, you can easily instal it yourself in just a few seconds without the need for any power equipment or a certain degree.

The Lumenology lighting kit provides a variety of different mounting choices for the lights. You can easily mount it to any wall or flat surface using the magnetic base, or you can stand it upright and use it as a lamp with the flexible tripod base that is supplied with every kit. This means that it may be used just like a conventional light.

Because it is not affected by the elements, it can be utilised successfully either inside or outside. Any person who is interested in sprucing up their outdoor lighting, patio, shed, attic, workshop, or closet absolutely needs to invest in Lumenology.

Lumenology also gives you peace of mind whenever someone walks outside at night to do things like walk the dog, take out the garbage, or fetch anything from the car. This is because the light in your yard is constantly ready to be turned on. In addition, given that it runs on batteries, Lumenology will continue to function in the event of a power outage, flooding, or a hurricane in the home.

A light that may be brought with you wherever you go

There is never a dull moment in life. There are certain adventures that you seek out, while others find you. Lumenology has you covered in any situation, whether you’re enjoying a camping trip miles away from the next power outlet or your car is unfortunate enough to break down on the side of the road in the middle of the night.

Since Lumenology is powered entirely by batteries, it does not require a wall outlet or plug to be charged; hence, it is an excellent choice for portability. Its portable size makes it easy to bring it along wherever you go, and its illumination is powerful enough to illuminate an entire campsite or provide you with sufficient light to fix a flat tyre and fill up your radiator in the event of an unexpected breakdown on the road.

Is there a deluge occurring right now? Lumenology, in contrast to the majority of lanterns and flashlights on the market, is designed to function in adverse weather circumstances thanks to its certified water-resistant construction. When you need it the most, you can rely on it to perform properly.

Take comfort in the knowledge that you are more secure after the sun goes down

Lumenology has developed a revolutionary motion-activated outdoor lighting kit that will allow you and your family to sleep soundly at night, knowing that you are protected from potential dangers.

Lumenology provides you with the peace of mind you need whenever someone walks the dog, walks down the stairs, takes out the garbage, or grabs something from the car in the middle of the night. Be certain that Lumenology will always be fully charged and prepared to illuminate your home in order to forestall mishaps and close calls with peril.

Lumenology makes use of motion-sensing technology, which can identify people and animals within a 100-degree angle up to a distance of 13 feet away. After being discovered, the strong light will immediately expose and terrify any unwanted would-be trespassers, package thieves, or CONFIDENTIAL destructive animals. This will aid to fend off any unwanted would-be trespassers, package thieves, or destructive animals. Even if you’re not there, the automatic light makes it appear as though you’re at home and paying attention to what’s going on.

Lumenology can be fastened to the overhanging edges of the roof, the ceiling of your garage, the branches of trees, or the surface of exterior walls. You may also use it to shine a broad beam of light downward onto the primary walkways or the entry to the garden fence.

Standard lights vs Lumenology lights

Standard lights are typically much less expensive than Lumenology lights, making them an attractive option for those on a budget. However, Lumenology lights offer a number of features that make them well worth the investment. For starters, they provide significantly greater energy-efficiency, which can help to offset costs over time. Additionally, their modern design and range of features such as dimmable lighting and motion sensors make them ideal for illuminating large areas.

Finally, their aesthetically pleasing design adds a touch of sophistication to any space – something traditional lighting solutions cannot match. Overall, Lumenology lights offer superior value for money compared to standard lighting solutions.

How Does Lumenology Work?

Lumenology is powered by three AA batteries. Luminology is therefore the most efficient and cheap source of lighting. There are three modes of operation, as previously mentioned:

  • Off mode
  • On mode
  • Motion activation mode

Off Mode

It can be turned off when not in use (during daylight hours). It will simply stop providing you with light in off mode, thereby saving you energy.

On Mode

You can turn it on whenever you need light. A long-term use of the light will reduce its lifetime to eight hours max. Don’t forget to turn it on only when you need it.

Motion Activation Mode

In addition to resolving the previous problem, the motion activation mode works as well. This is due to the device’s motion sensor technology. It is possible for the battery to last for one year if you activate motion activation mode. When a motion or movement is detected, the light turns on automatically.

Movements can be detected within a 100-degree area and a 13-degree range. If there are any unwanted guests arriving, you’ll be able to notice them. Whether it’s a thief or an animal. A unique feature of this mode allows it to save power as well.

Technical Specifications

Title Specification Units
Bulb* High-Luminance White LED N/A
Battery 3x AA Alkaline N/A
Brightness 148lm Lumens
Activations Approx. 1,000 N/A
Stay-On Mode Approx. 7 Hours Hours
Mode Off / On / 30 – Second Auto Shut Off Seconds
Light Sensor Mode Night Only N/A
Detecting Method Passive Infrared Sensor N/A
Detectable  Range 100° , 13ft Degrees | Feet
Adjustable Range 360° Degrees
Size / Weight 3.6in  x 3.1in  x 3.9in  | 4.6oz Inches | Ounces
Attachment Options Flexible Tripod / Magnet N/A
Threaded Insert 1/4 – 20 Inches

How To Use Lumenology?

Before you even begin to install it, Lumenology consists of three primary components. Following that is a powerful magnetic plate, and then the tripod legs come in last place. First is the LED light. LED lights are the primary source of illumination for your immediate environment. Now, in order to instal it, you can choose from the following accessible options:

Option 1

You will only need a screw and a metal surface in order to attach the magnetic plate to it. However, you must ensure that it is attached to a level surface area. It is able to tenaciously hold the light in any given circumstance. It’s go time! Simply switch on the light, and you can get things done! You may also disconnect it quickly and painlessly without any difficulty.

Option 2

In this area, you can wrap the legs of the tripod around any items that do not have a flat surface by using the provided tools. Attaching it to tree branches, the handles of a barbecue grill, poles, or the fences of your backyard, etc., are all possibilities. The legs of the tripod can be bent in any direction that is most convenient for you. Nevertheless, it will hold your light securely.

Why Is It Different From Other Solutions? 

Lumenology is a quick and simple method that eliminates the effort and expense of installing electrical wiring in order to illuminate any area. Even though it simply takes a few minutes to set up, it provides the same level of illumination and cutting-edge motion detection that you would anticipate from a system that was professionally installed. Changing the lighting in your room has never been simpler or more economical than it is right now.

  • Enjoy Professional Lighting Without Spending A Fortune –  You won’t require the services of an electrician thanks to the wireless design, which will save you both money and time. Simply remove it from the packaging, insert the batteries, and then bask in the glow of your brilliantly illuminated room.
  • Mount It Anywhere In Seconds – The built-in magnet or metal base may adhere to any metal or flat surface, and the tripod legs can be positioned nearly anywhere, such as on fences, tree branches, or barbecues — It is ideal for use in a variety of settings, including entryways, car hoods, patios, gatherings, do-it-yourself projects, and more.
  • Turns On When You Need It & Off When You Don’t – Lumenology is completely hands-free thanks to the motion sensor, which means you will never have to manually turn your lights on or off again. The long-range motion detection is effective up to four metres away and extends the battery life by one whole year. Alternatively, you can set it to “always on” to maintain a steady glow.
  • Perfectly Bright (Not Blinding!) – This white LED bulb is bright enough to illuminate any dark area, improving your vision and ensuring you are never blinded. Take advantage of our bundle pricing so that you can utilize many lights to illuminate your whole house and save money in the process.
  • Quickly Remove & Take It Anywhere -Lumenology may be detached fast and cleanly, with no messy residue left behind. Because of its small size, lightweight construction, and wireless capability, it is easy to take it with you everywhere, making it ideal for holidays, roadside emergencies, and camping trips, among other activities. Also fantastic for people who rent!
  • Added Security & Peace Of Mind – The brilliant motion-sensing light provided by Lumenology helps to keep your home safe by discouraging intruders and wild animals. To ensure that your house is as secure as possible, install them in the garage, the doorway, the yard, and all along the sides of your house.

Do The Above Claims Have Any Testimonials?

There is evidence to support the claim that this product offers the superior answer to the issue you are having with the lighting. If you search the term “lumenology” on the internet, you will see thousands of reviews written by users that are all five stars. That alone might be sufficient to demonstrate its usefulness.

However, if you are not content with the reviews, there is yet another approach to provide evidence to support your claim.

And it is the fact that lumenology has been given the safety certification of IP43 for its resistance to water. This indicates that its quality satisfies the requirements of both the “FCC Standard Part 15” and the “RoHS Compliant” standards.

Pros and Cons


  • Built with Wireless technology
  • It is more affordable than a wired lighting system
  • Motion detection is built into the device
  • No technical knowledge is required to attach the device
  • All of it is weatherproof

  • Its batteries need to be changed frequently

Lumenology Price

One lumenology kit costs $39.99. You can get discounts on several packages. Here is its pricing strategy:

  • Buy 1 kit – $39.99
  • Buy 2, Get 1 Free – $99.98
  • Buy 3, Get 2 Free – $149.97
  • Buy 4, Get 4 Free – $199.96


Lumenology lights are of the highest quality while being within a reasonable price range. The lights are an investment, and in return, you will receive amazing and dependable characteristics that meet all of your requirements in terms of lighting.

The amount of adaptability that comes standard with the system is remarkable. You have the option of either permanently mounting the Lumenology lights on the spot of your choice or using a tripod that allows you to freely move the light to wherever it is required for the highest possible light output.

Choose the LED Lumenology LED Portable Motion Sensor Light option if you are looking for high-quality LED lighting. These lights have received excellent ratings and stand out above other brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do they provide a warranty?

It comes with a 1-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Is this light all-weather suited?

Any type of hostile weather can be handled by this light.

How long does its batteries last?

A full year of battery life can be achieved by using the motion activation mode.

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